The delivery of a machine is only the beginning of what will be the real relationship between supplier and customer.

It is from that moment that all of the design, fabrication, installation, and staff instruction begins. This will be followed by scheduled maintenance and servicing and care of the plant. In the long life of a plant, it is the customer service that stays close to the customer every moment, every day of the year that transforms satisfaction with a good investment made into trust in a company that cares and pampers the customer. This is our aspiration and our commitment.

Almost all the machinery we supply needs consumables to perform its function. Only suitable materials can enable the machinery to achieve and maintain over time the performance for which it was purchased, and help prevent downtime and technical interventions that cause lost productivity and increased costs.

Usually when such incidents occur, there are exchanges of responsibility between the supplier of the machinery and the supplier of the consumables.

How do you solve the problem? By providing the whole package and taking full responsibility for getting the maximum possible performance from the plant.

Our after-sales services are complemented by a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. You will quickly find all spare parts for your machinery. To augment our service, our technicians also have a car kit in the car with the most frequently rotated parts of the most popular machinery, so that common emergencies can be solved immediately.

The best way to be prepared for sudden downtime is to have a kit of recommended spare parts to keep in the company, so that our technicians are always able to solve machinery problems and not just the most common ones. That is why our goal is to make sure that each installed machine has its own spare parts kit.

Over the years and the accumulation of experience, we have learned that many of the problems and inconveniences that arise in a plant are related to the software part…and they will be more and more!

Over time we decided to also offer our customers the software integration needed for their specific project, because software houses are not always flexible companies with experience in
integration. We are able to provide you with solutions that work on time, without the risk of having to intervene again to solve integration problems.

Due to the significant amount of new machinery we handle each year , we happen to pick up used machinery or receive machines from our customers on consignment, as well as have nearly new ones used for demonstrations or trade shows.

The our technical department inspects them , overhauls them , replaces the worn or damaged parts and makes them available for those who do not want to buy a new machine.

You can try them out at our facility and check their operation.

Contact us for a list of available machines.

We are able to carry out the process of revamping machinery whose manufacturers, softwarists, and integrators have lost contact with them.

Machines that would otherwise be destined for scrapping because they no longer meet standards or lack electrical, electronic or software upgrades can be reborn to new life and still be used for many years, avoiding major replacement investments.