All companies with non-manufacturing production need to ship their products on pallets. We have the right solutions to automate this process with automatic palletizing machines (with palletizing robots) that save time and resources by working autonomously, with consistent quality and ensuring a stable and well protected pallet.

We provide depalletizing and palletizing equipment with many different and reliable solutions, from the simplest and most economical to the highest performing and customized.

We put angles to the pallets, strap them and bundle them with stretch wrap.

We provide suitable industrial packaging equipment, for companies that need to package their products.

Most of the time we are asked to make automatic a task done manually that fails to guarantee constant quality and has high costs and dilated time, not following a specific packaging technique.

Other times we are asked to find a way to package a nonstandard product and therefore to customize the packaging by adapting it to the product we have or the industrial packaging we
wants to achieve.

We provide machines to:

  • Form boxes (Formacartoni , Wraparound)
  • Pack with plastic films (Flow pack, Vertical, Shrink wrap, Angular)
  • Pack in cardboard cases
  • Strapping boxes or pallets
  • We design and build custom machines for products that are not standard

We mark each product with thermal tapes, inks, food wax and lasers.

We label bottles, jars, tubs, envelopes and then boxes, bundles, bags, pallets and add lots, expiration dates, weights, all possible variable data and barcodes or qr codes.

These operations are very important because they are often required by legislation (batches and expiration dates, weights required by European labeling regulations, for example), sometimes by the need to quickly acquire logistical, traceability or commercial data (via one- or two-dimensional barcodes or tags). Other times they serve to characterize and personalize with labels or sleevers the boxes i

pallets and products of all kinds. Food labeling is to this day unavoidable for companies working in this sector. All operations

that require quality and precision but above all reliability and consistency.

In larger but also in less structured businesses and in any place where there are operators constantly transporting pallets from department to department or from production to warehouse, it is advisable to
take advantage of more established technologies (roller conveyors) or newer ones such as unmanned shuttles to carry out these operations.

With handling systems, we move packages and pallets, weigh them, measure them, count them, discard them if defective, and accumulate them. Finally, we transport them by unmanned shuttles, LGVs or AGVs, laser-guided or optically guided to drastically reduce costs and increase safety in the company.