We provide suitable industrial packaging equipment, for companies that need to package their products.

Most of the time we are asked to make automatic a task done manually that fails to guarantee constant quality and has high costs and dilated time, not following a specific packaging technique.

Other times we are asked to find a way to package a nonstandard product and therefore to customize the packaging by adapting it to the product we have or the industrial packaging we
wants to achieve.

We provide machines to:

  • Form boxes (Formacartoni , Wraparound)
  • Pack with plastic films (Flow pack, Vertical, Shrink wrap, Angular)
  • Pack in cardboard cases
  • Strapping boxes or pallets
  • We design and build custom machines for products that are not standard

Our lines


Case packers and wraparounds

To package products of all kinds in American cardboard boxes (compact one-piece case packers) or in die-cut cartons wrapped around the product (wrap around from unfolded cardboard sheet)


Carton-forming and taping-sealing machines

For forming and closing American glue or tape boxes, with operator or fully automatic from line, with centering or cadencing. Fixed-format or self-sizing.


Vertical and flowpack packing machines

For weighing, batching and packaging individual or bulk products into pouches starting from reel of plastic film. The shape of the pouches obtained can be pillow, gusseted, 4-seal, doypack type, with minigrip, vacuum, shrink.


Bundlers and strapping machines

To make strong, protective packaging with plastic film (shrink wrappers and angle wrappers) and to toughen or seal boxes, packages, and products with plastic strapping (strapping machines).

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